Easy Ways to Make Candy Corn MORE Awesome

Oct 26, 2012 -- 5:42am

There’s one single treat in the history of all candy deliciousness that makes us feel so torn. Candy corn — we hate to love it and love to hate it. How is it possible it can taste so bad, yet be so irresistible? It’s a Halloween trick AND treat. (See what we did there?)

We can’t help but be drawn to this emotionally manipulative seasonal treat, even if that involves making it completely inedible with lots of glue and duct tape. We want you to find a place in your Halloween-loving hearts for it, too. That’s why we’ve discovered the 10 easiest ways to make candy corn both deliciously awesome and craft-savvy cool, so you don’t even have to eat it to enjoy it.


Mason Jar Halloween


Add a fancy-schmancy touch of Halloween to your festive decor with these adorable (and super easy) candy-filled mason jars. Simply put a tea light at the bottom of the glass, add in enough candy corn so the candle is anchored in place, and light up that Martha Stewart-esque creation! It’ll look like a million bucks, when in reality, it takes approximately 30 seconds to make. Keep that on the DL.

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