Sit-A-Spell at Mordecai Historic Park

Sep 8, 2012

In an earlier time in the history of the south, Ya’ll come and “Sit-a-Spell” was the call for work stoppage. In the 1940s, 50s and 60s, boned tired sharecroppers dropped cotton sacks, hoes, tobacco planters, vegetables baskets and sometimes their bodies in the rich eastern North Carolina soil. Others made it to the end of long rows and sat under shade trees or tobacco shelters.

While water, Pepsi Colas, salted peanuts, nabs, honey buns and other goodies were being passed around weary workers sang and slapped the hambones. Some rushed to the woods or the outhouse. Others sat quietly listening or meditating in prayer, giving thanks for the fifteen-minute break. In this presentation, Ms. Ella Joyce Stewart takes participants on a nostalgic trip back to what was once a staple of the North Carolina agriculture landscape. She invites participants to share their unique culture, or to tell a part of their story on this delightful journey. Or you can simply come and Sit-A-Spell.

Mordecai Historic Park

1 Mimosa Street
Raleigh, NC 27604




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