Person County Farm Tour

Sep 15, 2012 - Sep 16, 2012

The Person County Cooperative Extension Center and the Person County Museum of History are joining forces to host the Person County Farm Tour Saturday and Sunday, September 15th - 16th from 1-5pm each day.

 The goal of the Farm Tour is to provide participants with the opportunity to experience a variety of farms, from the traditional Person County agricultural farms that produce things like dairy products, tobacco, vegetables, fruits and beef to non-traditional operations that include things like organic vegetable production, turf grass, flowers, firewood and buffalo. Participants will also be able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, farm raised meats, flowers, honey, hanging baskets and a variety of products at some of the locations.

Participants can decide which farms they want to visit and can stay as long as they like at each farm, within the tour hours, and they can split their visits over the two-day period.

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